True Independence

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The financial services industry is going through a period of unprecedented change as part of The Retail Distribution Review and we feel that many advisers will start to limit the amount of services or product which they recommended to their clients.

We believe there will be some outstanding firms in the UK who will become restricted and still offer wide choice and excellent service but others will not and it may prove difficult for the consumer to differentiate.

The Talk Money approach 

We are committed to providing totally independent and unbiased financial advice for life. In practice, this means transparent remuneration, tax efficient fee based solutions, and above all, never allowing provider incentive to cloud our judgement during the advice process.

We will ensure that our  recommendations are based on based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the  market; and remain unbiased and unrestricted. 

We are not tied to any bank, investment house or insurance company. We are independently owned with no insurance company sharing any stake in our organisation, by retaining this purity we can always act in you, our client’s best interests.