What types of protection are available?

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The three main types of protection are:

Life assurance which comes in many forms. These plans would pay a lump sum of money or an income should you die during the term of the plan. Plans can be arranged over a set number of years to suit a particular purpose, such as the repayment of a mortgage, or for the whole of your life, more suitable for paying an Inheritance Tax Bill.

Critical illness cover which pays out a lump of money if you are diagnosed with a potentially life threatening condition. The lump sum can be used to repay a mortgage keeping you secure in your home. Alternatively, you could use the money to cover your outgoings whilst you are not working, or to pay for treatment.

We look at all the products and choices available and recommend the ones most suited to your individual needs.

As with income protection, life insurance and critical illness cover should not be bought in isolation and should be considered as part of a protection package alongside existing plans and employment benefits.We offer the following types of protection:

General Insurance, Life Assurance, Critical Illness, Mortgage Protection, Income Protection, Key Person Cover, Share Protection, Inheritance Tax protection